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deviation in storage by digipup
deviation in storage by digipup


Trapped inside your head
Thoughts locked inside have lead
You to believe you're out of your mind
Yearning for salvation from the confined

Spaces, locked inside the box the locks on the outside
You start feeling claustrophobic, restarting with a pill, hiding your foes for a bit
Only to have them to awaken in the dreams you keep suppressing
It's a repressive aggression lying under the skin burning the deepest layers

Within this box you're trapped inside
Every persons life seems to coincide
With faux ideas confined sublime
Energy worsen the fact you're misguided

Boiling blood within the box it's locked inside
My bleeding heart along with the tears I cried
When you left me trapped inside the box
The Lock Box. The keys on the outside.
The Lockbox
This was written for one of the user contests on allpoetry. Interesting part of this was it took me 3 days to write the first day I was brain storming the second day I wrote half and then the third day was in the middle of night I woke up at 2 am unable to sleep so I stayed up till 4 am finishing the poem
Here within a line lies two rhymes
One to be cynical one to be tactical
It's up to you to decide who's who
But to do that you have to decide if you are even you
Two meanings
I wrote this to talk to one of my friends who didn't understand what I was speaking to him so I spoke in the simplest way I knew how. A way to make him think.
I'm in the back of the Spanish class head down low I won't show my face as my head starts to race i envision the heads busting like piñata hanging from the ceiling a rope around their necks
What you can't breath?
You shouldn't be able to speak
Actually I'll loosen the noose for you
I want to hear you scream
What it was dream?
These are the things I see when my eyes grow heavy and my hand grows ready i steady my aim and pull the trigger you were in my sight but it ricocheted and shot me in the foot
This is called cold love I have hot blood towards you
Am I awake or asleep?
The only difference I can see between me and you is time, by day you kill me by night I send hot steel into you
The smell of burnt flesh is always in my nose you know but that's probably because I branded your name onto my chest and put a cross through it you're my target closely guarded letting me in when I drop my defenses and stop being offensive
I think you're senseless especially since you didn't sense what I was to begin with I kept my thirst to myself for your sake but I felt forsaken of God hiding my lines
Rhymes filled my mind but you only heard the front herd of them the honeymoon phase then you heard the dark side of my moon like when I called you a comet in the sky once in a life time until I talked of you crashing into me too soon and destroying my mind
Breaking the rhythm in the rhyme
Breaking my emotions
Do I love you?
Do I hate you?
Do I need you?
I guess I still want you.
I want you dead with lead bullets in the back of your head wait...lead? No I'll stop leading you on bitch you're a dog silvers the only way to rid the world of you not good enough to be a gold digger but bad enough to make lives wither away
You're my nightmare I can't wake up from and my day dream I can't part from
I'd be considered unstable if it wasn't for the palace I built in my head for you
Ewe take me to the light silence the thoughts that enter into my head at night am I right when I say no one will miss me? I'll just disappear forget I was ever alive. Good night sweet morning.
I'm just cynical
Mr. whimsical doing things on a whim with swollen testicles
want to hear how many nuts I busted last night
right in the center of your moms eyes
or how many women I can procreate with for recreation
sounds like creation to me even though I'm talking about creating a disaster
A messed up bastard probably soon to be serial killer
you find my lines sick but his will be iller
I take you down like crumbling pillars
I'll teach him how to manufacture people like you
to manipulate prefabricated soon to be eradicated population
this nation hears this they unhinge
the blood stains left on the door hinge will be orange after you wash it a few times
stained even into the vanes of the wall
each crevice I creased a blade into
a sheath for a sword is all I call em
but I'm starting to sound like you chasing my tail around in this tale
I sound like a bitch
I'll stop braking and growling now
I'll just prowl around and wait for the moment to get momentum and strike
like baseball three missed chances to get out and now you blacked out
towards the white light, dim it, it's to bright darkness surrounds you already engulfed black light floods over
showing ya bashed all over
leaving your skin like a rash maybe it was a rash decision to make the incisions there
but it was like adhesion the blade laid with you like I had
to bad you have no cleavage to use as leverage
maybe had you had them I would have been seduced once again
but I deduced your insanity with my own and I'll own up to it this time
I ate your flesh too the blood flooded my mouth
I swear I'll skin ya place it on a manikin and again I got us in my life
this time you won't talk back to me!

No of course
I love you.
What bitch?
Shut the fuck up!
I fucking hate you!
Oh god...
I love you...
Now sleep six feet deep
Love and Hate
So me and my friend were talking and it evolved into a rap theres the lyrics. Im probably going to edit this some later and use it in a full rap I'm starting to have quite a few verses saved up on my phone
I'm on the run from my past
running longer and harder day by day
I say I've moved on as my past gets closer and closer
till it's a pine needles breadth away from snapping.
It seems to be happening now the hour of my revelation has unveiled itself
this day is the time my past slips under my footing
sliding and falling the cement brushing the skin
torn flesh I pick myself up brush off my past
part of me laying down before me a metallic smell hitting me
strengthening the resolution to leave the delusional illusions of my past which weaken me to panting breathing
the pain wants to brake me as I step and stumble
but it only empowers me to want an empire
I would fall in the woods to have a bed of pine needles to piercingly comfort me
pin needles lying inside my skin needlessly
for every piece I remove another pierced the flesh
until it stops my running won't stop
you will hear me panting from the weight on my shoulders as I get stronger the weight on my shoulders grow larger but I keep on going
I will not falter.
This is meant for anyone who knows what it's like feel power
even in their darkest hour
they look to the light
and know what it is like
to be devoured in doubt
and what it's about
to be dreaming of a morning
without a past of struggle.
Its meaning's not over yet
Keep on dreaming until you reach it.
So I had an interesting day and may have either a lot to write about soon or very little...any way
If anyone knows a spoken word group on here that would look at any of my writings it would be greatly appreciated if you could direct me to them just to find people who like writing you know? Thanks in advanced
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