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Red rose petals withered away and old metal cutting through the cold weather
Whatever's going to happen it's going to happen today
Tonight this life unlike no other it's gonna be taken away
make a wish for a way to wish away your lustful ways

Won't stand it, can't stand it, can't sit for it neither
Like I got a hot fever frozen air would swear I burned a hole up the ozone down to hell
Round the merry go once again, I got a knife but you got one too
Left in my back and you're still chasing my tail

I'm not even angry I'm just talking to you but when you start walking out you'll hear me shouting at you
You'll hear the sirens off in the distance resisting the urge to scream for assistance wishing to cease the insistency of me
Love me, hate me, either way you'll get only one thing from me and that's hurt honey
When we met you were worthless now you're worth less

I made you a pretty penny and you took a dollar away
Here's the bloody Valentine's you were dying to have go on antagonize me again
Come now let's see what this magazine will do when I empty it out but not to you
The bloods stained on my hands engraved in my heart I wish I would've know this before we became one of two shattering parts
Corrosion of thoughts erosion to rusted metal trains crusted over with vivid images of unimaginable places
Maelstrom of malicious intent putting an indent into a sternum sternly determined to hurt them
I stirred up the hornets stingers shooting up from what I've been brought up in
Paving the way to hate no waiting for the next person who tries to elate the masses

Dreams or nightmares the terror doesn't stop there
They start here with the complexity of this dexterously crafted shrapnel grappling towards ya
Gorgeous girls gone and done wrong along the white line they left behind
a curved incision incites itself along their wrists

This is music of the muse I see with no eyes seeing through time undeniably
Embroidering an embassy with lyrical insanity
Leaving lyrics with an instantaneous transformation they condensate themselves to precipitate your way
Woven with juvenile delinquency indisputable mind of creativity with which comes toxicity

Toxic fumes assumed its position filling up the lungs capacity
Spilling out through my throat beaming screaming demeaning any being
To cross my path it just so happens to be you are the one to be stuck in front of me
My attack wont stop until destruction and corruption are what corroded us away
A composition of decomposition composite of self inflection and narcissism
Gnarly is it, twisted for yours to be listenin'
Wound around a dozen unbound, set inside, an internal rhyme
Eternal mind eternity in time, turn an eight on to its side

Mind the mine of knowledge placed inside
That's why I'm lounging around I'm a thousand miles above the ground
An unstoppable behemoth, unfeasible you're dreaming if you think you'll stop me before I leave your ears ringing
I'll explode the lines with grenade-type rhymes

Flip the switch and I'll shut off the normal linguistics When I speak in tongues
I go ballistic, balls to the walls, an angel hellbent heaven sent
Fire lights the sky at night and hell beneath your feet, Reach from the ground and pull you down or from the air and leave you dangling there
Upside down this worlds contorted my head I bleed inward, if you try to pierce me the blade comes back towards ya

It's no mystery I'll be set in history but you'll need Listerine to wash the taste from you vocal cavity
It's so sad to see all the misery but I'll use it as my launching pad sky rocketing
Don't worry about the crash landing I'm about to be having the brass handling from a crass crude rude mind
This mind is mine don't ever tell me my rhyme is out of line, this line is wound down into the minds of the beholder

With a slither you worked your way in.

Sliding through my defenses as if it was broken fences.

Sliding your fangs in through skin sunken deep within.

Sliding your way into my heart with a lethal injection to tear me apart.

The venom runs in my veins.

I can taste the posion from your lips.

I hear the voices telling me to go off from you.

I can hear my heart begging for more of you.

Toxin runs through me I'm addicted to you.

The blood running through me has a part of you.

The toxins inside me have got me attracted to you.

The toxin from you is my antidote. Everything from you




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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
The pen drops
What follows next is hollow sounding
The sound reverberates down all hallways
The shots ring off
We're getting ahead of ourselves
Let's start back at the beginning
You see a shaggy black haired boy scrawny and pathetic
There on his knees
Begging for a chance to get her back
She won't have that~ No! Not that!
They used to be Bonnie and Clyde
Inseparable from each others sides
But they grew distant, in an instant
They didn't know who the other was no more.
He didn't like that "fuck that" he took it on himself
Popped a pill before going to bed
He didn't know what it was for before he took one more
He was motivated he formulated a sinister plot
He'd pop her once in the head, watch it as she bled.
Out goes the lights on her life then his he would take it, turn the tables and make it
His own Romeo and Juliet bloodshed story
With his gory story he worried no more he knew what he was gonna be doin' to her
At the strike of 12 mid day he would lay her out flat on her back
And all this just because she wouldn't take him back
So I had an interesting day and may have either a lot to write about soon or very little...any way
If anyone knows a spoken word group on here that would look at any of my writings it would be greatly appreciated if you could direct me to them just to find people who like writing you know? Thanks in advanced
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